25 Incredible Photobombs That Actually Make The Picture 1,000 Times Better


January 27, 2019

By shambalolo

Taking pictures is a perfect way to capture the special moments in our lives. From the time a baby first opens their eyes to a person’s hundredth birthday party, photographs can help us hold on to life’s best memories. Yet no matter how hard we try, pictures don’t always turn out as planned.

Whether you accidentally place a finger in front of the lens or someone walks in front of your shot, these joyous moments can just as quickly be turned on their heads. However, this can sometimes lead to a photograph coming out better than expected – like these 25 epic photobombs…

1. Mother and daughter just wanted to pose for a nice photograph by the lake, but the girl’s little brother had other plans. It’s still pretty impressive to think he timed it this well!

2. This young couple is clearly having a great time at their friend’s wedding, but the same can’t be said for everyone in attendance. Just check out the girl flipping the double bird to someone in the background!

3. It’s pretty hard to organize everyone together for a group photo. Even harder? Trying to coordinate with someone who’s completely out of earshot. (Hint: take a peek at the man in the background…)

4. When rapper 50 Cent and model and fashion icon Naomi Campbell hang out together, you’d better believe there’s going to be a perfect photo to mark the occasion. They certainly achieved that when Leonardo DiCaprio decided to photobomb them!

5. Mountaintops make for incredible backdrops in photographs, especially ones that are meant to be romantic. The next time this couple dips to kiss in front of a beautiful landscape, though, they’ll want to be sure to wait until this gentleman passes by.

6. Anyone who’s ever worked as a server in a restaurant knows how important it is to keep the aisles clear at all times. Apparently, no one gave the little child the memo. But that’s okay, because it made for one hilarious photobomb!

7. With a fresh new summer look hot off the rack, this girl couldn’t wait to show off her outfit. Naturally, she took a selfie to mark the occasion, but what she didn’t realize at the time was that she was photobombing her own pictures. Yikes.

8. Apparently this guy chose the best way to propose to his future wife, because from the look on these two women’s faces, they couldn’t be any more surprised. It makes you wonder if he asked both of them to marry him!

9. This might be this youngster’s first time being arrested, so he wanted to take the opportunity to have his mugshot snapped on the beach before being booked at county. This one’s certainly going to hang on these ladies’ walls for a long time.

10. Either this newly married couple paid their photographer extra to have a person perform extreme stunts in the background of their wedding photos, or this is one of the best-timed photobombs in the history of mankind.

11. This teen chose a great look for his prom, so he obviously wanted to snap a picture to share with his friends. Unfortunately for him, not even the most stylish person alive could distract from the cat having a drink from the toilet.

12. There’s nothing you can do to get an animal to successfully participate in an engagement photoshoot. You can just imagine the look on the guests’ faces when they received a save-the-date with this pooch’s face on it instead!

13. Getting the perfect photograph during dinner can be a royal pain, but if you try hard enough, it might work out in the end. Prince Harry certainly knows a thing or two about that! Just look at him being silly in this picture.

14. This is exactly what happens when a wedding photographer tells the bridal party to just be natural in front of the camera. “Oh, you want me to act natural, do you? Just know that I naturally have to pick my nose right now.”

15. Your initial reaction to this photobomb might be to assume the couple in the foreground is attending a Halloween party. But what if they’re not? What if this is just a normal Saturday night out on the town, and that zombie prom queen is casually lurking in the background?

16. There’s a chance this family paid good money to go snorkeling with the turtles. But it looks like they might’ve wasted their dough. From the looks of the end result, the turtle would’ve paid to come to them instead.

17. Whoever said world-famous astrophysicists can’t have a little fun must not have met Neil deGrasse Tyson. If there’s anything to be learned from his playful social media presence, it’s that he can be as silly and lighthearted as the rest of us.

18. It’s pretty hard to tell whether the man in the background told his wife of his plan to photobomb their baby announcement pictures or not. Either way, he’s doing a spectacular job!

19. If there’s no picture next to the word “photobomb” in the dictionary, someone might want to add this one, because it’s just about the cutest one you could ever imagine! Puppy-bombs are the best kind of photobombs.

20. When you have your picture taken beside a plaque at the Microsoft headquarters, you’re probably not expecting a certain famous guy to show up. They should’ve installed those security gates to keep photobombers out… hyuck hyuck.

21. Can you imagine traveling all the way to Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to propose to your girlfriend, only to have it photobombed by a tourist at the last moment? No matter what, this isn’t an engagement they won’t soon forget!

22. Apparently, this couple has zero recollection of seeing anything strange while they were having their photos taken on their wedding day. Well, the proof is in the pudding. How did the person in the background make his way into the picture without being spotted?

23. When you visit a tropical paradise, it’s mandatory to have your picture taken with at least one toucan. Well, this one didn’t think the tourist deserved to have his photo taken with him. “Nothing to see here, squawk!”

24. Taking a photograph with the family dog is generally a pretty easy task, but the same can’t be said for cats. With minds of their own, they never seem to stop moving while you snap a pic… unless it’s to ruin their owner’s picture by suddenly popping into the frame.

25. “Just got back from Iceland—was going through my pictures and found the best photobomb of all time.” You have to imagine this happy accident beats any other touristy photos she took while on vacation!

Not all mistakes in photography are bad. Sometimes, it even makes the pictures a little better!

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