Watch A Lifetime In 60 Seconds


November 26, 2017

By Yoav Shai

When you think about skin care ads, you usually think about young models that try to convince the viewers that their soft smooth skin is the result of using the product they are promoting and not that they are actually twenty-something and don’t really need ointments to get rid of wrinkles that aren’t there yet.

This is why this new ad by a Norwegian pharmacy is so heartwarming and eye-catching. The video, titled ‘A Lifetime in 60 Seconds,’ is the result of a collaboration between Vitus Apotek and ad agency T/A Pol, and it is a frank and unfiltered look at how our skin ages over time. The video features women and girls from ages 0 to 100, that were filmed to illustrate the many ways beauty evolves.

Vitus – A lifetime in 60 seconds from POL on Vimeo.

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