Gustav Klimt’s Paintings Get Recreated With Real-Life Models, And The Outcome Is Incredible


September 10, 2017

By Yoav Shai

Have you ever wondered what a few of your paintings could look like in real life?

Klimt is most commonly associated with the Art Nouveau design, a bold and elaborate aesthetic that originated at around the turn of the 20th century. The aesthetically motivated architects, artists as well as like Barcelona’s Gaudi to create rich and ornate functions that reflected the confidence of the moment.

Prader’s vivid recreations are based on Klimt’s Golden Stage of 1899-1910. This is evident in the golden hues of the sometimes sensual scenes; models are nude, surrounded and intertwined by gold ornaments that bring out the decadence of the first paintings.

The series of images were shot for Life Ball, a yearly event in Vienna that attempts to increase funds to help fight HIV/AIDS.

We believe that her models and Inge Prader did an amazing job bringing paintings through photography that is contemporary to life. What do you believe? Which of your works of art do you want to see given a makeover? Tell us in the comments below!

Life Ball

“Beethoven Frieze”

“Death And Life”

“Flora & Pan”

“Beethoven Frieze”

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