7 Best Street Art Murals Of August


September 10, 2017

By Yoav Shai

Monthly, Street Art Today chooses the last month’s seven most stunning street artwork murals. Be astounded by these masterpieces.

1. Fintan Magee – ‘Walking in Circles’, made for the Waterford Walls street art festival in Waterford, Ireland.

2. PichiAvo — This badass mural shows the Greek hero Perseus using Hermes winged sandals.

3. Sonny — ‘Electric Fury’ is part of his inspirational project To The Bone, that aims to raise awareness and funds for endangered wildlife until it’s too late.

4. Mantra — ‘Wiener Schmetterlinge’, the French performer shows his course with this great mural in Vienna, Austria.

5. Ernesto Maranje – ‘The Rhino and the Oxpecker’, he painted a giant black rhino who shares a symbiotic relationship with an oxpecker. This bird sits on the rhino and eat ticks, blood sores and even warns the rhino of danger. The mural serves as a reminder of how diversity can be a benefit rather than a burden.

6. Wild Drawing – ‘The Griffin’, the Indonesian artist earned a spot in our list by making this impressive mural.

7. Hopare — Breathtaking beauty on the rocks of Villars-Fontaine, France.

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